i need a hero

The p is a charming combination of sword bashing match-three combat and puzzle solving rolled into one heroic role-playing game, developed by MadHatGames.

I Need A Hero is set to be released within the coming weeks, but the beta version, which I was lucky enough to play, is promising.

The game begins with the hapless King desperately asking you to save his missing daughter.  In order to save her, you must traverse through the land, overcoming Goblins, Witches, Dragons and various other monsters, via one-on-one battle. Between key battles, there are comical, creative scenes to enjoy which add real personality to the back-story of the game.

During battle, you’ll be presented with an array of monster heads lined up in patterns. Your goal is to swipe your finger across as many matching, lined up monster heads as possible. The longer the swipe, the more you’ll charge your sword in preparation for your next attack.

i need a hero

The combat system is interesting to say the least. Initially, you’d assume that such a puzzle could become tiresome, but MadHatGames have done well to ensure an exciting battle every time. Occasionally, spell-books appear within the puzzle, allowing you to unlock special spells which you can cast on your enemy or use to heal & protect yourself in various ways.

As you progress, you’l accrue both Gold and Crystals, which will help in various ways. Gold will allow you to purchase equipment such as new swords and armour, whilst Crystals are spent on powerful spells within battle to finish off your foe faster, and in order to speed certain processes up – such as armour crafting.

One thing immediately noticeable is the sheer amount of content offered by I Need A Hero. On the beta version, I was given access to one ‘Realm’ containing 45 levels, whilst another realm remained locked. Each level can be completed on three separate difficulties, which adds tonnes of reputability.

i need a hero

I Need A Hero doesn’t hold back when it comes to visuals. The game is beautifully decorated with animated characters, vibrant colours and detailed design. Every aspect of the game is well crafted, and despite only playing the beta version, I can vouch for the elegantly polished game interface and battle system.

If single-player content is not enough for you, I Need A Hero has you covered. Integrated Facebook login & daily Leagues allow you to challenge your friends online to show off your heroic, puzzle solving talents.

Overall, I Need A Hero is a well constructed  brilliantly designed puzzler with plenty of action and variation in combat. The story is charming and entertaining, and the gameplay is curiously addictive.

I Need A Hero is set to be released on the Google Play store in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out their Facebook Page for updates & inside information.