Idle Sword is a web-based game that has now been converted to the iOS and Android platforms. This is a game in which players battle their way through dungeons with up to four warriors to defeat Mr. Big Stache. It is a game that combines the idle and RPG genres.

What Does It Do?

In Idle Sword a wizard has kidnapped your warriors, who are attempting to escape his dungeons. To do so, players battle their way through a hoard of monsters in the dungeons to find up to four warriors and collect items and equipment to add to your warriors” arsenals. Players can pick up armor, shields, swords, bow and arrows, axes, rings, potions to heal your warriors with and more besides. In addition, you can also pick up currency to unlock dungeons and increase your tap strength. You cannot direct the movement of your warriors in any way. Instead, best online casino you can equip them to get through the dungeons and tap the monsters to wipe them out.

idle sword

Overall, the gameplay in Idle Sword is somewhat limited. It is largely limited to equipping warriors, selling items in your inventory and tapping relentlessly at monsters when you get to the higher dungeon floors, which can quickly become boring. In the earlier floors you might almost become a spectator as your warriors battle it out.

The game has poor graphics. The variety of colors in the dungeons are limited, and the sprites are rough (pixellated) round the edges. Furthermore, the animations in Idle Warrior are also limited. A 16-bit game console could certainly effectively emulate the graphics in Idle Sword.

idle sword2

The sound is not that much better. I counted about five or six notable sound effects in Idle Sword. Even though there are a variety of monsters in the dungeons, none of them have any sound effects. Furthermore, there is very little variety in the soundtrack that is the same on all the dungeon floors.

TapScape”s Final Thoughts

As a Web-based game the graphical and audio quality of Idle Sword might be better, but it does not cut the mustard on the iPhone and iPad. But hey, the game is freely available! You can find further details for the game at this page, and you can also play the Web version here.