If You Love Technology, You'll Love This FL City

Are you tech-savvy, driven, and looking to start or grow your career? While you might first think of San Francisco, Cambridge, New York, Seattle, and Austin, consider Fort Lauderdale. This city in Florida, best known for its beaches, also happens to be great for tech lovers. Read on to find out why.

Growing Tech Industry

Over the years, Fort Lauderdale has been home to many start-ups in the financial technology industry, as well as Magic Leap, a VR company based in nearby Plantation. With companies like these coming to the area, the tech industry is booming, due in part to South Florida’s prominence in banking and proximity to Latin America (which also makes it diverse, with people from all over the world).

Numerous Tech Events and Groups

Groups, such as Tech Lauderdale, bring together people who are passionate about content creation, creativity, building brands, connecting leaders, and expanding the tech scene within Broward County. Anyone eager to expand new businesses and technology are encouraged to join. Alongside educating and informing others, resources are available to those interested, and newcomers and existing community talent come together to collaborate. With opportunities ranging from grabbing food and drinks with executives to networking and company tours, events make it easy to join a like-minded community.

Ideal Weather

Year-round sun, numerous beaches, and mild temperatures make for easy living. Once people are done with the work week, they go to the beach or for a relaxing walk along the water to kick off the weekend. People won’t find any snow or extreme temperatures here! Due to all the water, it’s no wonder Fort Lauderdale’s nickname is the “Venice of America.”

Low Cost of Living

Compared to major metropolitan areas in the U.S., South Florida is a cheaper place in which to live. The lower cost of living, coupled with no income tax, makes relocating here a breeze compared to Silicon Valley or the New York Metro Area. Housing and food are less expensive, making it attractive for entrepreneurs and tech types alike.

Full of Young People

Thanks to its proximity to universities such as University of Miami and Florida International University, and attracting students from other top schools such as Florida State University and the University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is home to many young people. With programs that emphasize entrepreneurship and classes that teach in-demand tech and business skills, graduates come out of school eager to apply their knowledge at some of the city’s businesses. If you decide to come here, you won’t be the only young person who’s interested in all things tech, or have opportunities at companies that haven’t caught up with the times. There’s a distinctive youthful and entrepreneurial energy that’s compelling to locals and visitors alike.

If, after reading this, you’re convinced the city is for you, move here to be part of the tech hub. Before you do, look into a Ft. Lauderdale moving company. They’d be happy to help you start your new life in this fast-evolving tech center.