Impact of 5G on the Gaming Industry

5G is proving to be the defining trend this year- the whole gaming industry is waiting with bated breath to see what it can do across aspects such as responsiveness, cloud gaming and more.

Here are 4 reasons why 5G will have a significant impact.

Cloud Gaming Becomes Truly Viable

Cloud gaming is believed to be the next step in gaming evolution, and it’s easy to see how 5G fits in the picture.

The faster the internet speed the better the overall gaming experience when it comes to cloud gaming services. Even the most demanding and graphically rich games can be streamed with 5G as the data medium.

Consoles Will Have Built In 5G

New mobile phones are getting the 5G treatment, so why not game consoles?

In the absence of the Ethernet port, 5G can prove to be the wireless equal. When attached to a handheld, latency and lag become a thing of the past. Wired connections on competitive genres will be an option instead of a recommendation.

Mobile Gaming Gets a Massive Boost

Mobile gaming, already leading the forefront will have a bigger lead once 5G is in place. Playing anytime, anywhere has captured the public’s imagination- what if there was a better and more stable way to play Baccarat, for instance?

Developers can make sure their games benefit from the advent of 5G by allowing greater bandwidth allocation.

It Can Be the New WiFi

Gamers prefer wi-fi instead of mobile networks for a reason- they don’t hold a candle when it comes to latency and ping. WiFi is the next best thing to a wired connection especially when one lag is all it takes to be taken out in multiplayer games.

After wired connection 5G can replace wi-fi, as long as there’s a wide adaptation and it’s widely available across the globe.