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In this era of technology, everything is available just on the verge of one click. People around the globe are enjoying the blessings of the internet and several software that help them to gain legitimacy as well as fake documents in a limited span of time. One of the illegal document used these days are fake identities. These fake IDs are illegitimate documents that give false identification to a person.  Usually, people who are underage gets attracted to the use of fast fake id. The major reason behind the rampant use of fake IDs, by young people, is to get access to alcohol, nightlife, illegal purchasing of flats, and issuance of driving license. Most of these activities are allowed to adults after the age of 21 years. Since they are in teenagers and the hormones are high, so the bad company easily compels them to adopt such activities. It helps teenagers to enjoy these privileges before their age.

The fake IDs can be made by themselves but there are professionals to make fake licenses and other IDs. They make it so professionally that ordinary people are not capable to identify if its original or fake. The false IDs cannot be used in official places as its record is not present in the state’s database. The possession of a fake ID is itself a crime whether the owner uses it or not. The punishment one faces depends upon the age and number of previously existing criminal records. Also, the implication of law is different from state to state. Furthermore, the local police have a great idea of the fine details of an identity used by the citizens of a state. So one must avoid the frequent use of fake ID’s otherwise a small mistake will lead to a bigger disaster. It is also seen that Young students often borrow the ID of their elder siblings and friends. They pretend to be the owner of that identity and join nightclubs, buy alcohol, and arrange parties.

Unfortunately, if the owner of a fake id gets caught by the bouncers or police, they need a decent solicitor to defend themselves.  Various penalties are applied which includes heavy fines, Prisoning, probation, etc. The individual case depends upon various factors and the punishment is then decided according to the type of action, age of the criminal, law of the country, and many more. The offenders convicted of possession of false identity are imprisoned for a minimum of 90 days. But it can be extended to one year or more. The second and most common type of penalty is to pay fine. These fines range from 500$  to 1000$. The last but not the least is probation. In the probation period, the offender has to fulfill the orders given by the judge. The supervisor keeps an eye on the reports of the offender. If one does not behave well or is convicted of another crime during the probation period, it may result in imprisonment.

The production, possession, and use of fast fake IDs is an administrative crime. It is not only used by the Young ones but also bought by the adults. The people eligible for an official ID card or driving license may buy fake IDs in order to get rid of driving tests and interviews. So purchasing the fake ID’s simply surpass the difficult stages of getting licenses. In many cases, people are found to own fake diplomas and are working in organizations at fine designations. They learn the basics of their work through different resources rather than surfing years in studying the course. The point to ponder is, shortcuts are a temporary fantasy that will never help to get permanent luxury.

The manufacturers of the fake ID’s are equally updated to the technology that they are capable of producing genuine looking fake cards. The only way to recognize a counterfeit identity to do a physical assessment of the ID in question. One should check the edges, thickness, and corners of the ID card. If the corners can be split or peeled, it indicates a fake card. A fake card should be inspected from the backside with care. The manufacturer mostly put all the efforts on the front page and neglect to replicate the backside of the ID. To avoid any unfavorable circumstances fake ID production and purchasing should not be considered at any cost.

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