Don’t lie. At some today, you are going to want to procrastinate.

Whether its early morning Facebook updates, or three thirty-itus, procrastinating can be deadly when mixed with important deadlines. Fortunately though, technology ironically understands that it is so interesting that it needs to be contained, so there are actually several ways you can overcome your procrastination using the very object fueling the problem:


1. Admit you are Actually Procrastinating

People have been taking “five minute Facebook breaks” forever. Concentrate for a minute, and try to identify if perhaps something is keeping you from the task in hand. Have you really been on Twitter for an hour because you needed a “quick” break? Once the problem has been identified, it’ll be much easier to overcome.


Know your warning signs.

2. Download Productivity Owl

This is an add-on for Chrome that acts as the boss leaning over your shoulder. If it detects procrastinating, the app will swoop in and close the tabs you had been spending your precious time on. Don’t fear though; you can adjust what sites can be viewed freely, and set free time aside for yourself.


Be prepared to hate this little fuzzbucket.

3. Use Harsh Anti-Procrastination Apps

After reviewing Write or Die 2- I can assure you that you’ll never be slacking off again. With components like jump scares and punishments that will actually start erasing your work, this is the ultimate in productivity.

write or die
Don’t tempt it.

4. Turn the Internet Off

For all you budding writers out there, the Freedom app software has been praised far and wide by authors in the ultimate in productivity. Just log in what times you’d like to be inactive online, set what times you’d like to take a break to surf- and presto!


A heartbreaking sight.


5. Try Not to take Breaks

A leopard never changes its spots- and procrastination can strike anywhere at anytime. Taking breaks regularly will lead from five minute checks, to fifteen, to twenty, to hours. Try spending all your devoted time on your task, then reap the benefits of the internet as a reward. Keeping your Facebook tab open while working and flicking between does not count, either.


Hopefully, all you procrastinators out there have now found some great ideas for battling your addiction to social media, and are ready and raring to finish that important project due in several days.