ingress for ios

If you haven’t heard of the game Ingress then it is a project by a company called Niantic in collaboration with Google that is a cross between augmented reality and geocaching. There are things called portals that are located at landmarks across the globe that can be captured between factions – Enlightened or Resistance – and players can attack these portals to claim them for their own faction. The game is currently in a closed beta, with only a select few having an invite allowing them to play the game. Not only is it a closed beta, but it is only exclusive to Android – that is until now because Ingress for iOS has just been released on Cydia for Jailbroken devices.

Let’s make this clear from the start – this is not an official client from either Niantic or Google, but a package available in Cydia for Jailbroken devices.

ingress for ios

With that said, iOS users can now enjoy the addictive game that is Ingress and it seems to work extremely well. As part of a project posted on Github which gives the source for developers to play with, Ingress for iOS has been compiled and distributed into Cydia for all to enjoy.

If you’re used to Ingress on Android then this looks slightly different but still functions the same, and you can sign in using your existing Ingress details.

ingress for ios

The only downside currently seems to be that existing items in your inventory present on Ingress for Android doesn’t appear in Ingress for iOS, but other than that, you can enjoy all the Ingress goodness on iOS.

Ingress Invite

As mentioned, this is a closed beta, but Tapscape have a few invites to be given away, so keep checking the site for an upcoming competition to get your hands on an invite.

If you’re lucky enough to already have an invite, then hit up the links below to get your hands on Ingress for iOS.

Ingress for iOS