Interesting things about the lottery that you probably did not know

Lottery is a game that was born a long time and growing. Since the establishment of the lottery company to the present there are many interesting things that no one has been looking for, so many people do not fully understand the interesting of lottery tickets. Do you know how you can apply the lottery calculator and find out the exact number? Let’s check!

And now, this article below will help you have more information for yourself.

     Lottery results are announced at the end of the day/

Not 100% of lottery winners feel happy

In fact, most people who win the lottery feel lucky and happy. But that is not the case, it is estimated that only a few people feel happy.

Some other people play the lottery just because of passion, love to play, the purpose of those people is not to win the lottery but just to find joy for themselves. These people are now mostly wealthy people with lots of money so they don’t care about the prize.

And there will also be a few who know when they win the lottery a little fear and insecurity. They are insecure because they always think that money will be unlucky. But it is also one of the few that has such negative thoughts. So you should not worry about this issue but hope that you are lucky to receive the award.

Used to rank in the top 2 of search keywords on Google

You may not know, in 2018 Northern Lottery had the number of search terms on google in the top 2 of the 3 most searched keywords by Vietnamese. An impressive number when the number of people looking for the lottery game is extremely crowded.

This reflects the situation as well as shows the attraction of this industry, even higher than facebook, news and football and some other entertainment games.

The original jackpots were just uniform bikes

Social networking is growing, controlling the number of people interested in lottery is easy. But this is the time the traditional lottery jackpot has reached billions. But before that, the award had not been given with money, little is known that the original prize when winning the special prize was awarded in kind – it was a unified bicycle. At that time, the lottery was issued with the purpose of finding resources, building and constructing the capital. At this time bicycles are extremely rare.

After the release of the lottery game, it was not until a long time later that the structure of the lottery prize was changed, replaced by cash face value and maintained until now.

These are also the interesting things of the lottery that few people know about, only the people who come first know about this form of award.

The award for the grand prize in the new year of establishment/

Which age group plays the lottery the most?

In general, for young people, young people rarely play lottery, mainly middle-aged and old people. Ages 26 to 55 are given the age to play the lottery the most. But there will also be 2-year-old divisions. According to statistics, 34% of people between the ages of 26-35 and 56% of people aged 36-55 years old are those who often buy lottery tickets. These are people who tend to spend more money on every purchase with the belief that they will win the lottery.

Thus, it can be seen that young people are less interested in lottery games than middle-aged people.

The reason many people are interested in lottery?

Many people who are interested in lottery games have a lot of physical and mental reasons.

Mentally, lottery can help people reduce stress after a long and tiring day. When playing the lottery there is much fun, when waiting for the results will be eager and hopefully lucky.

Physically, there could be a big prize. There are many who hope that an unexpected victory will bring them a great prize, with the opportunity to change their lives. Therefore, many people still hope, so the number of participating in the game is increasing.

For example, Mr. Q won the jackpot worth nearly VND 304 billion, the winner of the lottery prize. He received the Power Prize 6/55 for the 119 draw which took place on May 5, 2018. Thus he changed his life and possessed a great fortune.

Engage players by hosting a minigame

In order to attract customers interested in their products and services, many individuals and businesses have organized mini games based on lottery prediction. The rewards are usually the products they are selling or short-term trips, which are also valuable rewards that many people desire.

Interestingly, the organization of mini-games usually takes place on social networks, so the organizers usually base on accurate prediction of lottery results. The person who expects to win the last 2 numbers of the grand prize will be the recipient of the gift.

Because the organization of the minigame game, the presents are attractive, so it is quite attractive to players.

This is also a familiar type, any player can join and watch the winning match. Also, due to the prediction of the last 2 numbers only, many shop owners and business units apply this game. Social network is growing, so it attracts a large number of participants.

Interesting things about the lottery that you probably did not know

                 Everyone is eager to play lottery/

With a long history, lottery is both a familiar form of entertainment for Vietnamese people. Interesting points about lottery have existed in our lives. In the future, with the development of the lottery industry, there will be many more interesting points waiting for you to explore.

Above are the interesting things of the shared lottery game for you to have more information and insights. Thereby it can be seen that the lottery has evolved over the years but deep in there are still many things that not everyone knows. Which are all things that interest you. Hopefully, if you do not know or play the game directly, you can join to experience the interesting things. Hope the above information can help you to have more knowledge about lottery games.

Wish you will be one of the lucky people to win a special prize when participating in this game.