Internet Connection - Wired vs WiFi

An online connection is integral in most video games nowadays, whether it’s for networked play, climbing up the leaderboards or chatting with friends.

Also, some games do just fine with wireless network via wi-fi, while others are more demanding and require an ethernet connection. To get the best experience, here’s a comparison of wired vs wireless connection.

Why Choose Wireless?

Most people who play games to relax probably use a wireless network. In this case, it’s the wi-fi they have in their home, or connecting to data via a mobile network provider.

Wireless is more convenient compared to wired since you can go anywhere you want and not be limited by a cable attached to your smartphone or laptop computer. You can sit back in your couch and play a game of baccarat on บาคาร่า 24 and not have to worry about tripping or experience mobility issues.

Also, connecting to a wireless network is easy- just bring up the wi-fi option then click or tap on the network name and enter the password. Afterwards, you can leave it connected or disconnect when you’re done.

Why Choose Wired?

A wired connection will require you to have a device that supports an ethernet cable, and you’ll need to buy one as well. Keep in mind that you may have to measure the length so you can play where you want.

A wired connection is more stable, meaning you won’t likely get disconnected while playing. It also utilizes your internet connection more efficiently, and you experience reduced lag and latency.

Professional gamers prefer to use a wired connection so they can maximize their game and keep up with their opponents. Being less mobile is certainly a drawback, but the connection is more stable and steady as a result.

Devices such as computers and gaming consoles can support wired ethernet gaming.