Yesterday’s WWDC 2011 keynote featured plenty of new software. Part of Apple’s presentation introduced iOS 5 and a plethora of features Apple device owners can look forward to. Just 24 hours later the iOS 5 beta has already been jailbroken by the iPhone Dev Team, headed up by MuscleNerd.

Proof comes courtesy of MuscleNerd, who posted two images of a fourth generation iPod touch running a jailbroken iteration of the new iOS on Twitter. The first image shows Cydia, a third party store, installed on the device, while the second shows root access has been granted.

The iPhone Dev Team is known by many for their redsn0w jailbreak and ultrasn0w unlock. Their latest tethered jailbreak requires the use of Geohot’s Limera1n exploit, meaning each reboot or restart requires a connection to a PC in order to retain jailbroken software.

This method will reportedly be compatible with the release version of iOS 5, so adaptors will be able to jailbreak from day one.