ios 7.1 apple

ios 7.1 apple

Following rumours that the latest Beta version of iOS 7.1 was the last and that a Gold Master was only a few weeks away, further rumours have reinforced this which suggests iOS 7.1 could launch around March 15th.

Apple has seeded 5 developer Betas of iOS 7.1, which in Apple terms is quite a few compared to the early days of iOS. Finally, the biggest update to iOS 7 since its release is looking to be set to come out of development and be released to the public in the next few weeks.

iOS 7.1 includes a few minor UI tweaks and performance enhancements, together with what a new report is claiming to be new mobile device management tools.

“Apple is working with a select few MDM vendors and institutional clients on efforts to improve iOS managed deployment, and that those improvements are currently set to ship as part of iOS 7.1 “around March 15.”

iOS 7.1 mass deployment

The mobile device management tools would make deploying iOS devices in their masses alot easier to manage, and should see features to deploy and manage the devices in various industries. This could include App installs, profile management, and security policies, which could indicate Apple finally trying to seriously tackle the enterprise market and put their devices in organisations.

iOS 7.1 is also expected to feature the iOS in the Car service which will bring hands-free operation to the device with features such as Siri, and bringing iOS to the in-car entertainment screens. Previous reports had indicated that iOS in the Car was experiencing some issues with getting manufacturers on board, but it seems that these may have been ironed out and the service is ready for iOS 7.1.

As with any rumour, it obviously needs to be taken with some reservation, but the March 15th timeframe does give a good indication of when we can expect iOS 7.1, and it does tie in with previous reports.


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