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According to new reports from various sources, Apple seem to be set to release the newest version of their iOS version 7.1 as soon as March 2014.

Back in the early days of iOS releases, Apple usually issued the final build of their operating system relatively quickly after testing; however, as the functionality was enhanced and more features were added requiring more testing, the common trend is now that numerous Betas are released to developers spanning a number of weeks before the public see a final release.

This has especially been the case with the latest iOS 7, which was released in September 2013. Apple seem to be paying particular attention to fixing the various bugs which have plagued iOS 7 since release given such a dramatical overhaul to the software. This might be coming to an end with rumours surfacing that the first major update to iOS 7 hints at a public release online casino of iOS 7.1 in March 2014.

Sources suggest that the latest Beta to be issued for iOS 7.1 is the latest and Apple do not plan on releasing another iOS 7.1 Beta for download. This hints that a Gold Master build may be imminent, as this GM Build precedes a public release and pretty much represents the final release when it comes to functionality, performance, and feature set.

Apple iOS 7.1 Final

iOS 7.1 itself mainly fixes a number of performance issues and bugs which have caused expected and unexplained crashes, together with memory leak issues.

There are also some minor user interface tweaks to iOS 7.1 including revamped caps lock and shift keys, a new Phone dialer UI, new male and female Siri voices in certain countries, together with a new slide-to-unlock and slide-to-power-off animation.

Of course as with any rumour a pinch of reservation should be exerted, and Apple could also choose to release a further Beta of their latest operating system just to iron out the last few bugs. However, it does seem that the final build of iOS 7.1 is imminent.

Let us know if you are looking forward to iOS 7.1 in the comments below. Many users may be faced with the dialemma of picking a Jailbreak over the improved stability of iOS 7.1 – which one will you pick?