iOS 7 Causing Motion Sickness, Blame Centers Around Effects

iOS 7 Causing Motion Sickness, Blame Centers Around EffectsThere’s a whole lot of information coming out in regards to Apple’s latest operating system for its mobile devices. While people continue to talk about all of the cool features present in iOS 7, there is a group of people extremely unhappy with the update for one simple reason, it makes them sick!

The animations present when transitioning between an application and the home screen are reportedly making people feel motion sick and nauseous. Numerous tweets have come out from regular users stating that iOS 7 is actually making them feel sick.

iOS 7’s new parallax effect definitely does add more motion to the operating system and when power users are flipping back and forth between applications, I can see where the motion may end up making someone actually feel sick.

Some people that were experiencing the motion sickness from iOS 7 tried the “reduce motion” setting but unfortunately, that does not seem to do a whole lot.

Of course, there are many things that can contribute to someone feeling sick but there does seem to be a correlation between iOS 7 and motion sickness considering just how many people have been complaining about it.

The motion sickness issue is only one of many with iOS 7. Out of the 200 million people that have already downloaded Apple latest mobile operating system, there are a large portion of users that absolutely despise iOS 7. Among the complaints are issues with the design effects and a slowing down of devices.


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