In a world where data caps and usage rule the flexibilty we have with mobile devices, Apple has just increased the cap for App downloads over the cellular network in iOS 7 to 100MB.


Previously the limit set on App downloads over cellular networks before iOS 7 was 50MB, and before that it was originally 10MB on the iPhone 3G. Looking back before that all App downloads were only allowed on WiFi since the networks just didn’t offer that kind of capacity.

But, the iPhone changed everything, and now Apps can be easily a few hundred MegaBytes, for even the simplest of function. So it makes sense for Apple to increase the limit in iOS 7 to 100MB, but what about those with very low data caps.

iOS 7 encourages data exhaustion

I myself have only a 750MB data cap per month, so if I was to hit ‘update all’ on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7 I’d end up burning through my entire allowance within 8 Apps, leaving me without internet until the next bill cycle. Isn’t that slightly dangerous? I’ve been stung before with running out of data as a result of a monumental bug where the Podcasts App decided to stream all my episodes even though I’d downloaded them. It ate up 1GB in an hour, screwing me for the month.

I’m all for being able to update my Apps on the move, but for those of us without unlimited data plans (and the caps are only getting lower, especially here in the UK – I’m looking at you EE), isn’t a 100MB on iOS 7 just pointless?

It would perhaps be nice to have greater control over Apps, or even be prompted saying exactly how big the update is before allowing it.

However, for those on unlimited plans, enjoy updating on the move; for those like me, be careful when hitting that update button.

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