iOS 8 Beta 6 is here and it isn't for developers, let alone the rest of us. However, the Golden Master is likely just around the corner…
iOS 8 Beta 6 is here and it isn’t for developers, let alone the rest of us. However, the arrival of this “carrier testing only” iOS 8 beta signals quite clearly that final code is almost ready to ship. Not Golden Master, but the next best thing.

Boy Genius Report reports that Apple has seeded iOS Beta 6 (aka Developer Preview 6, build 12A363d) to its carrier partners. This special OTA (over-the-air) version of iOS 8 beta actually is actually not special at all.

What is unusual, however, is the fact that Apple has seeded a carrier only iOS 8 Beta 6, but not a developer release.

We are told that because we are so close to Apple’s GM build (the final one, barring any huge problems), Apple has not seeded this to developers to test. This version must be accepted by all testing partners by September 5th, just a couple weeks before the rumored launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6L. One of our sources separately tells us that this build was in fact rejected earlier today because of an issue where YouTube did not work in Safari — BGR

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Put that fork back in the drawer, because iOS 8 isn’t quite finished. Nevertheless, iOS 8 Golden Master would seem to be just around the corner.

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Via: AppleInsider, Image: Shy Nerd