iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Update Info (2016)
iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Update Info (2016)

Take heart, impatient users of the Jailbreak community, which means just about all of you. The word is out that the update for iOS 9.3.2 and earlier will be released on June 13. That’s the day Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2016, or WWDC, begins. Apple often unveils products and makes major announcements at WWDC.

Here is a look at what to expect, a warning about fake websites and help to decide if you should upgrade or wait.

The Jailbreak/Apple Tango

The dance starts when Apple leads with an update to its iPhone. Then Jailbreak follows with its own update, that lets people tweak the newest features in the Apple update. Back and forth, lead and follow.

Apple doesn’t make it easy. It continually releases patches for its updates to the iPhone to fix glitches. It uses these patches to block each new set of Jailbreak’s tools. That makes the iOS un-Jailbreakable until new tools are put together.

It’s hard on those watching this dance, waiting and hoping for Jailbreak to make its next move. But the wait makes sense from the Jailbreak perspective. If the team at Jailbreak jumped the gun and released their update at the same time that iOS 9.3 launched, Apple would simply have blocked those tools in their follow-up patches.

That’s why it makes sense that the developers at Jailbreak chose to release after iOS 9.3.2. It’s actual to your benefit.

Many Fake Websites

There are more fake websites than usual trying to attract unwary Jailbreak users. They are claiming to be authorized by Pangu or TaiG, assuring people they have the latest download and of course, guaranteeing they are completely trustworthy.

Be careful, Jailbreakers! It’s a lie. Right now if you search Google, Bing or other engines, you won’t find an authentic Jailbreak update. It doesn’t yet exist, so it’s not online to find.

What you will find is malware. These phony websites have dangerous tools, claiming to be Jailbreak, that installs bugs and viruses and can hack your iOS.

New false websites are appearing every week. Here are five of the most active to avoid:


Protect your iPhone. Wait for an authoritative report for the genuine release of the newest Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2.

Wondering About Upgrading to iOS 9.3.1?

What if you have an iPhone running 9.3 or earlier and it’s already jailbroken? Should you upgrade to iOS 9.3.1? The answer is, it depends.

If you really want or need the fixes and the new features offered in 9.3.1, then yes, go ahead. But remember, if you do upgrade your OS, your iPhone will no longer have the tweaking ability that a jailbroken iPhone has.

Figure out which is more important to you, and make your decision to upgrade or not upgrade accordingly.

Remember, you don’t have that long to wait. The June 13 date appears to be a real possibility. That’s just weeks away. Granted, it’s still speculation. But eventually, the update will come out.

What it all comes down to is: do you get more benefits from the ability to tweak with Jailbreak or from updating your iOS?

Jailbreak users are frustrated that it’s been so long since a major release. But the developers are trying to be as savvy as possible about the timing. The later the release, the more tools will be included.

What If You Took the Plunge and Upgraded?

If you’ve already updated your iPhone to iOS 9.3.1, you have two options. Your first choice is to don’t upgrade again until Jailbreak comes out with its latest set of tools. It’s a straightforward approach that just requires some patience.

Some people are considering a second course. You can try downgrading from 9.3.1 back to an earlier iOS version. Apple makes it impossible to downgrade to iOS 9.1 or lower. But you can try a later version.

But it can get complicated. This might be worthwhile to give you more options when the latest Jailbreak is released. However, it is definitely more complex than just waiting out the release date.

In summary, Jailbreak is coming. At it’s probably June 13 or earlier. Smart members of the Jailbreak community are avoiding fake download websites and are practicing patience.