iPad Mini

Apple made an impressive decision in lowering the iPad Mini performance and design to that of the previous iPad, the second generation. This way, Apple does not need to enhance the iPad Mini beyond anything the fifth edition of the iPad will be.

iPad Mini 2 Specs

What we believe Apple will do is bring all the iPad 4 has to offer to the iPad Mini 2, and then say it is their “smallest and best tablet yet”. Users will love it, even though critics and reviewers will notice that Apple have just sleazed this “new” technology in because they have no true ideas.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 2 Retina

On this idea, the iPad Mini 2 will have a retina display, at 324 pixels per inch. This will be even better on the smaller display, although the advancement for a normal user will not be incredibly different.

We suspect an A6 processing chip in the iPad Mini 2, as there is in the iPad 4 right now. This will make the device run twice as fast as the previous iPad Mini – that will be coupled with 1 or 2GB’s of RAM.

Now reports say that Apple are working on a complete rework of the operating system, even though this has been the case since iOS4 came out and some users questioned Apple’s great innovative skill. Steve Wozniak said that Apple are good at making a great product every five years, but then they cannot innovate on that product.

This idea could be true, but we have seen incredible advances in the iMac, MacBook and iPhone line in terms of design that we would have to say the designing team for these devices are very innovative. What Apple really need to do is look at what other people are doing and see how they can achieve a better result.

We talked about Apple releasing a cheap iPhone in 2014, to compete on Chinese Markets and compete against some cheap products in the US like the Nexus 4. We could see this happen with the iPad Mini 2 as well, some analysts say $199 starting price, and others say $299.

Release date could be soon, with Apple moving vigorously to release new products, we may see the new iPad Mini 2 as soon as summer 2013, or we may see it come out next year around October time.