As a rule, Apple leaks information about new, upcoming, unreleased products all the time. However, actually tracking down those leaks is really, really hard. That said, the just released iOS 9 developer beta has revealed that Apple is planning a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Yep, according to 9 to 5 Mac, there is a new keyboard layout with iOS 9 beta that indicates Apple is planning a 12.9-inch tablet. The clue is buried deep inside the iOS 9 codebase.

Code around the larger keyboard also suggests the bigger iPad will carry a 1366×1024 resolution screen. The new dimensions at 12.9-inch amount to the iPad Air’s 263ppi

And, hey, Tapscape has been reporting iPad Pro rumors for quite awhile already — but will it be made of Unobtainium? Hmm, perhaps not, but Apple has played with Titanium in the past.

Are you ready for the iPad Pro and how much would you pay? Or, do you think it a silly, silly idea (like I do)…

Via: Phone Arena, Image: iMore