Apple introduced the iPhone X last year, messing up the nomenclature of the iPhone lineup. The company also released the iPhone 8 last year along the iPhone X; the ‘X’ is not “ex” but rather “10”, the numerical 10.

So, what comes next? iPhone 9 and iPhone 11? What about the year after that? iPhone 10 and 12? But didn’t the company already release an iPhone 10 in 2017?

Everyone’s asking these questions, and truly speaking no one has answers to these questions at least yet. According to the rumors that have been surfacing, this year, the iPhone lineup will consist of three major phones, an LCD iPhone which will, just like the iPhone X, ditch the home button in favor of the bezel less display.

Along with the LCD model, Apple will release two iPhones with OLED panels, one measuring 6.5 inches and the other measuring 6.1 inches while completely ditching the iPhone X characteristics (in terms of size).

But still the question keeps nagging… what will these iPhone be called?! One of the possible scenarios would be, considering the fact that last year marked the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple released the iPhone X as a special edition phone and this year, Apple could just go back to its original naming system, and release the iPhone 9.

The other scenario would be that, Apple finally completing a year after its anniversary, could start a new naming system, maybe from 1 again or something completely different. This is not the first time the company has been hit with naming problem, few years ago, the company was running out of cat names for its Mac OS X software and then the company shifted to names of places in California.

It’s still February, the month when the next iPhone usually starts leaking. However, most of the information about the phone is leaked in June-July.