As September inches closer, more and more iPhone 5 rumors are surfacing. Now, people are saying that the US carriers aren’t prepared and the arrival of the iPhone 5 and other iOS 6-based devices may just end up crashing the networks.

iPhone 5 rumors FaceTime

A report from Computer Worldstates that AT&T and Verizon introduced data sharing plans that were designed to ” limit a surge in heavy data use expected especially with the use of Apple’s FaceTime real-time video chat software on the iPhone.” Jack Gold, an analyst from J. GoldAsssociates has stated that carriers should be “frightened” by FaceTime; constant usage of the popular app would lead to bandwidth going up dramatically and a significant decrease is customer experience.

So what does iPhone 5 rumor mean for you and your new smartphone? Well you may not be able to enjoy all those new features such as LTE connectivity if your network isn’t ready:

” The upcoming iPhone is also expected to have a larger screen — more than 4-inches compared to the current model’s 3.5-in. screen — which would make video chats easier. That creates problems for carriers because like most two-way chat apps, FaceTime is an enormous bandwidth hog.”

Without a doubt, carriers are doing what they can to try and prepare for what is expected to be the biggest iPhone launch. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict if all these preparations will do any good until the device is available and owners tart using up bandwidth. According to reports, on average, FaceTime uses 3 MB per minute. Imagine what kind of load that means for LTE networks when millions of people start using it.

Hopefully, with this being the 5th iPhone launch, carriers have learned from their past experiences and this won’t be that big of an issue.

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    This will be the SIXTH iPhone launch, don’t know why everyone is calling it the iPhone 5.

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    We lost unlimited data on Verizon and att because of apple and now we are going to lose 4g. Screw you apple. Why can’t you design a better video chat service like Skype did which takes only a few kb every minute it is used.

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    Each new Apple product has spurred, pushed, forced the carriers to improve their networks in some way. Instead of leading the way with better infrastructure that enables better devices, they put the cart before the horse. We should thank Apple, otherwise we’d still be using 1xRTT, EV-DO!

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    It should be noted AT&T is the same company that stated they need to buy T-Mobile because they were reaching their bandwidth capacity but then it was later revealed that had 10 times the capacity they claimed and that they had 90% of it in reserve.

    Also while Facetime can be worse bandwidth-wise than programs like Skype and Tango, the networks’ numbers are greatly exaggerated. According to AnandTech “FaceTime requires roughly 100 – 150Kbps of bandwidth in both directions (the upload speed being the clincher) to work smoothly” and a full resolution test averaged 382Kbps. Skype’s bandwidth usage is roughly 40 – 128Kbps.

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    You know what, the funny thing is data is data. Users are already limited to a certain amount. FaceTime won’t consume anything above and beyond what consumers are allotted. They just may run out of their allotment quicker. This worry about what it will do to their networks is a piss poor excuse to charge extra for face time. Does your home ISP charge you extra for Skype? Does the wireless companies charge extra for Skype for that matter. Just an excuse to charge Apple users an extra fee.

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    now that Micrososft owns Skype they should sue Apple for 5 billion for copying face to face communication! Crapple sucks!

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    probably another Apple scam to make it seem that they haven’t made as many phones and in turn pretend as if their phones are so good.

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    The carriers already make it hard for one to video chat, they throttle speeds, they offers paltry data packages, and like “AT&T” and soon more to follow, they just cripple an app as to make it none operational. Unfortunately the carriers have all the control.

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    They just need to pay MS, Samsung and Google for their video compression on mobile platforms patents.

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    Except that all of Apples competitors have been doing this for 2 years. Apple is hardly pushing anything. They are trying to catch up.

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    Apple had been keeping the 3.5 as if it was the best size for all. If you had a problem with that size, it was your fault. Now 2012… exactly when Samsung’s large screen phones outsold iPhone, iPhone’s screen got larger. Of course other Android phone makers also made large screen phones but look at the market share. All other makers combined take less than 1~2%. Do you think Apple was motivated by those 1~2%?

    See, Samsung influences Apple, Apple influences Samsung. This is how the technology works.

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    I doubt people will use this as ubiquitously as you would think.

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    I wonder to what extent FaceTime will be the next boogie man that ushers in tiered bandwidth. Thank goodness Sprint is keeping their unlimited plan. This isn’t an issue just switch. If Sprint were to become the number 1 carrier I’d bet AT&T and Verizon would suddenly find bandwidth.

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    1. iPhone
    2. iPhone 3G
    3. iPhone 3GS
    4. iPhone 4
    5. iPhone 4S
    6. The New iPhone

    As you can see it’s the 6th iPhone Launch and the 6th model and it will be not be called the “iPhone 5.”

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