iPhone 5 / 4S recycling program

iPhone 5 / 4S recycling program

As if we weren’t already sitting on a stockpile of evidence that the iPhone 5 is coming out sometime September, Apple is now letting you recycle your iPhone 4S for a chunk of store credit.

Even though this isn’t solid proof of a iPhone 5 September arrival, it certain hints that Apple is getting ready to scrap the old iPhone for a newer build.

Apple offers their recycling program for anything – from old iPod’s to Windows PC’s.

Normally, Apple doesn’t release a recycling program for the latest version of their product until they supply you with a new one, though.

This could mean that a release of the iPhone 5 is imminent, as we haven’t seen Apple actually bring out the program until the next device in the series is introduced before.

Apple is again, refusing to comment, allowing us to sit in suspense looking at images from a Chinese “reliable” source until the perfect time.

iPhone 5 release date evidence

We have already seen many phone carrier services and Apple itself banning employees from holidays from September the 12th onwards – and there are apparent conferences that Apple will be holding to show off the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

Two dates keep coming up, 12 and 21 of September – where Tim Cook may make a rather large keynote speech showing off a new product or two. Whether we are going to see the iPhone 5 unveiled at one and the iPad Mini at the other, we are still unsure.

Some analysts have suggested that this may be the case, as releasing both the products at the same time may make each overshadow each other, slowing sales.

Between monumental amounts of evidence and the fact the iPhone 5 cannot take any longer to come out, since we’ve had the 4S for ten months now, it seems almost certain we will see a September launch.

Tapscape, as usual, will keep you updated on all events Apple related.