From the day Apple shipped thir original smartphone, back in 2007, people have been predicting (hoping for?) a low-cost iPhone. Although the configuration and pricing aren’t known, it seems likely we “know” the name, iPhone 5C, and what the packaging looks like.

China’s WeiPhone forums, ever a font of interesting and unverifiable rumors, has a photo of a bin full of iPhone 5C packaging. In addition to the question of whether or not the image is genuine, folks are also speculating as to the meaning of the “C” — cheap, consumer, color, etc?

Though certainly not an exact match, Apple has used similar packaging in the past. Specifically, fifth-generation iPod touch packaging comes to mind.


Additionally, it is worth noting that iLounge predicted (reported?) way, way back in April that Apple’s low-cost smartphone would be named iPhone 5C. They also accurately described then what we “know” now about the device so far:

Our sources claim the phone will be priced lower than the iPhone 5, of course, and that the device will be mostly made of plastic, with a Lightning connector. It should look something like a mix between the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and iPod classic — an iPhone 5-style 4″ screen, an iPod touch bottom, and an iPod classic shape, with flat sides connected by curves. The dimensions should be about the same as the iPhone 5, with Gorilla Glass used for the screen…

Of course, nothing is certain until Apple introduces their low-cost iPhone, likely sometime in September. Nevertheless, the apparent authenticity of packaging itself and the fact that iPhone 5C is name repeated in the past by a reputable source lends weight to today’s rumor…

What’s your take?

Sources: News.com