iphone-5s-cameraCome the end of May, components for this year’s Apple smartphone revision are expected to begin shipping from suppliers to assembler Foxconn. Although the details are thin, there is some iPhone 5S camera and chip (pulpless) juice here to be squeezed.

Collective groan in three, two, one… DigiTimes, quoting upstream supply chain sources, says that Apple will introduce a “slightly enhanced” smartphone this year that pretty much everyone is calling the iPhone 5S.

DigiTimes says the iPhone 5S camera will feature higher-megapixel modules and, yes, there will be a faster A series system on chip (SOC) processor. A fingerprint sensor is mentioned, as well, though this feature just gets a cursory “yeah and that, too” mention.

However, the most interesting tidbit in their writeup is the notion that component suppliers are expecting 30 percent sequential growth in the second quarter — i.e. iPhone sales in Apple’s Q1 were pretty good and apparently getting better.

For what it’s worth, Tapscape has previously reported the faster chip will indeed be the long fabled but little understood A7 processor, as well as a PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphical processing unit. Additionally, a 13MP camera module “will almost definitely” be in the mix.

And, like Tapscape’s earlier report, DigiTimes is also saying the iPhone 5S could arrive in July.

As rumored, does the iPhone 5S sound like your next smartphone or are you drooling over the Samsung Galaxy S IV?

via MacRumors

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