iPhone 5S

We’ve seen no short of rumours lately around the web regarding the iPhone 5S, and whilst we are pretty certain now that the iPhone 5S won’t appear at WWDC 2013, it hasn’t stopped further leaks from appearing.

New leaked photos appear to show the new iPhone 5S with a curved back. The images fresh from a Chinese website speculate that what we thought would be just a simple speed bump, may in fact feature an external redesign.


What is interesting is that the source is claiming the device shown in the picture is called the iPhone 5S, yet claim that it is the cheaper variant device we have been hearing about called just the Budget iPhone up until now. If true, it would seem that the iPhone 5S is in fact the budget iPhone, with the iPhone 6 being the next device in the lineup to follow the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S – S for Small Budget?

The budget iPhone has been long speculated as being in the works by Apple to claw back some of the lost marketshare that Android is eating up with its saturation of the market with cheaper low-end devices. It would be aimed at those that don’t want the high-end power of an iPhone 5, or perhaps cannot afford it, but want a more up-to-date device than the iPhone 4S.

This is the first time we’ve seen the iPhone 5S be linked with a budget device and it would seemingly make the naming convention we’ve become used to confusing, with a 5S notation suggesting an upgrade to a model below it, rather than a cheaper model. Although, that said, we could start to see the ‘S’ upgrade of iPhone become the cheaper range and adopt the budget iPhone brand.

Keep tuned on these rumours, because if the iPhone 5S is in fact the budget iPhone, then that may mean the iPhone 6 may be arriving sooner than we expected.

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