The day has finally arrived, the day when the iPhone 5S finally becomes available, and because you couldn’t pre-order the device, everyone was waiting for the Apple Store to be updated.


It seems that the iPhone 5S was extremely popular since shipping estimates have already slipped to October, less than 12 hours after the device went on sale. The original shipping estimates of the iPhone 5S on all models was shown as 1-3 days, but the slip to October seems to be the case across all countries stores’.

The fact Apple seem to have run out of initial stock so quickly echoes the suspicion that Apple were struggling to manufacturer enough devices to cope with demand, and hence why it did not offer any pre-orders as it wouldn’t have enough for launch day.

Of course, consumers can still go to their local Apple Store and hope there is still stock left after the long lines have been served. Unfortunately there is no indication on how long their stock will last, or which stores have stock left.

iPhone 5S – Popular After All

The iPhone 5S was introduced last week with the revolutionary Touch ID Fingerprint sensor, 64-bit support, and an updated camera, after pretty much every feature of the new device was leaked and predicted.

It was thought that since the iPhone 5S didn’t represent a massive upgrade over the iPhone 5 that demand wouldn’t be as great. if the stock levels of the online store, together with the long lines at the Apple Store are anything to go by, it would appear the iPhone 5S is actually incredibly popular.

Did you get your hands on an iPhone 5S? Let us know in the comments section below – did you queue up in line at an Apple Store, or did you set your alarm to get your order in online?

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