iphone 5S

iphone 5S

The iPhone 5 was only released a few months ago, but eager Apple fans are already yearning for the next edition of the smartphone. Apple may bring the next version out with a some incremental performance and display upgrades and multiple colours.

Reception for the iPhone 5 was mixed although most users and critics agreed hardware and design were top quality. Some found that for the price, maybe Samsung or HTC could be a sweeter deal. Others said that due to the lack of changes on the OS, the iPhone software felt old and unchanged.

Some analysts say that the new iPhone 5S will have different sizes and different sizes. Since the beginning, Apple have only had one size for their iPhone, but with the iPad Mini bringing two sizes to their tablets, Apple may do the same with phones.

If the iPhone does come in two different sizes, we have to wonder how large Apple will go. Samsung is the biggest competition Apple have right now, and their Galaxy range consists of the S3, at 4.7-inches, and the Note, at 5.5-inches.

We do not suspect Apple will move anywhere past 5-inches and we suspect if there is more than one version, one will be kept at 4-inches, as the iPhone 5 already is.

If we see a multiple selection of vibrant to solid colours on the next iPhone generation, we suspect it is due to the huge excitement over the Windows 8 phone range. Like with the new iPods, we believe the colours will be pink, yellow, blue, white & silver and black & slate.

Other than those two changes, there could be any amount of incremental upgrades. We could see Apple move towards a better display, as the full HD 440ppi displays come out on Android devices.

The A6 processor in the iPhone 5 was double the speed of the previous one, but Apple may look to add more RAM, more power and possibly more battery life to the iPhone 5S.