iPhone 5S and iPhone 5SE Apple

The iPhone 5SE has had an upgrade to its storage capacity capabilities. Apple has introduced an iPhone 5SE with much more higher end based storage, double what was previously offered. The device originally came out in just a maximum of 64GB variant, however Apple has now doubled the storage capacity and increased it to a maximum of 128 GB at a price of $499.

This is good news for those looking for an Apple product that’s affordable and has the specifications to keep up with latest smartphones. The device also still boasts an A9 processor and comes with the standard colour options of silver, gold, space grey, and rose gold. However, even though the device does not have a 3D Touch display like the latest iPhones do, it does come with a 12 MP rear facing camera that’s exactly the same as the one implemented in the iPhone 6S.

As of Friday, Apple has removed the previous storage options that were listed on their official web store. Initially, the iPhone 5SE came out with only 16GB of storage and previously maxed out with a 64GB variant. For Apple fans and users alike, this is something for everyone to look into as the device itself is one to have. It’s only a year old, having been released just a year ago in March of 2016. Therefore, Apple increasing the storage capacity for the iPhone 5SE is proving to be a good decision. However, it begs the question. What other device will Apple update and modify next?