Do the words “bendgate” or “bandghazi” make you smile? Then go away and get the real iPhone 6 science (science, it’s gonna be big). For the rest of us, Apple’s “bad week” was more about the self mocking parody that is the media than either measurably excellent iPhone 6s or Tim Cook’s $600 billion company.

“It’s sort of boring to say that the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone you can buy,” writes Verge reviewer David Pierce. “But it is. It’s the best because it’s the only phone that doesn’t come with any drawbacks.”

No drawbacks, like bending? Nope, bending is not a problem and we know this not from some snarking blogger, but people with big brains that make money betting on such things.

SquareTrade insures people’s electronics and makes serious coin doing to it. So, when the company praises the iPhone 6, they actually have skin in the game.

“Apple has done it again, with a pair of larger phones that are more durable than their smaller predecessors,” says Ty Shay, CMO, SquareTrade. He goes on to state that the iPhone 6 is the most durable smartphone out there and that you, nevertheless, should buy protection from SquareTrade because accidents happens.

Hmm, wise words that might have helped Jimmy Hoffa (or not). And, for what it’s worth, if you have smaller hands, the iPhone 6 Plus probably is not for you, especially if you prefer bareback.

iPhone 6: Rough, Rough!

Onward and upworthy-ard… Here’s Consumer Reports and their rendition of the “bendgate, shmendgate” chorus, which is a hard science slap down of the whole #bendghazi crap-gasm.



All the phones we tested showed themselves to be pretty tough. The iPhone 6 Plus, the more robust of the new iPhones in our testing, started to deform when we reached 90 pounds of force, and came apart with 110 pounds of force. With those numbers, it slightly outperformed the HTC One (which is largely regarded as a sturdy, solid phone), as well as the smaller iPhone 6, yet underperformed some other smart phones.

Still here and still believe BendGhazi is real? Think different, because the iPhone 6s are among the best and more durable smartphones money can buy…

What’s your take?

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