The delay of unannounced products? The iPhone 6 wait and plot thickens and lengthens, though not necessarily in that order

The delay of unannounced products? Yes, lads and ladies we are talking about Apple and the iPhone 6, which has at various points in time been rumored to arrive in Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Summer 2014 and now, September and/or October 2014. The iPhone 6 wait lengthens and plot thickens, though not necessarily in that order.

Rumors and speculation. An unnamed source has told a generally reliable media outlet to expect the iPhone 6 introduction in mid-September and then iPhone 6 shipment in mid-October.

“The source notes that a senior Store Leader mentioned October 14th as being an “immense” day for Apple, adding that the whole month of October would be very busy for stores and the company itself,” writes MacRumors. “Apple is also said to planning a media event for Tuesday, September 16, coming a month ahead of the device’s launch.”

Hmm, sound reasonable? No, I don’t think so either. Fundamentally, both dates are Tuesdays and Apple prefers to introduce new iPhones and iPads on Tuesdays and then ship those spiffy new mobile products on Fridays.

iPhone 6: Rumor Viagra

While these dates could, indeed, turn out to be accurate, a more likely interpretation is that Apple plans, as it has in years past, to introduce the iPhone 6 on Tuesday, September 16 and then ship it roughly a week later.

Similarly, Apple might also be planning a Mac/iPad media event for Tuesday, October 14 with product(s) to ship the following Friday.

Though we shouldn’t underestimate Apple’s ability to both surprise and delight, the company is a creature of habit.

What specs do think think the iPhone 6 will have and when will it ship? Sound off in the comments below…

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