iPhone 7 will have a starting model with 32GB of storage

Apple’s iPhones have always come with 16GB as the lowest storage amount and the latest information states that with the announcement of iPhone 7, 16GB storage models are going to be a thing of the past. According to Phone Arena, a leak was uncovered from the Chinese blogging website Weibo, and Kevin Wang, the Director of Market Research at IHS Technology in China has reported that the upcoming iPhone 7 models are going to feature 2GB of RAM, along with 32GB of internal storage.

While 32GB of storage is still on the low side for users, this time, they will not have to continuously face the warning that they cannot update the software of their iPhone because of low storage amounts. While most Android phones come with 16GB of internal storage, they provide the convenience in the form of storage card slots to help you expand that memory, which is a feature that might never be ported to iPhone 7, or future iPhones for that matter.

iPhone 7 will have a starting model with 32GB of storage

Because of this storage limitation, you have to be a storage management expert while using an iPhone, unless of course you have purchase a higher storage model. iPhone 7 has also been rumored to increase the maximum internal storage capacity to 256GB instead of 128GB. With Samsung mass producing 256GB flash memory chips, it is becoming increasingly convenient for manufacturers like Apple to not feel bad over not providing users with a storage card slot.

Other specifications of iPhone 7 include a dual-camera present on the rear side, as well as the return of the company’s 3D Touch display. The Apple A10 SoC is said to be even more efficient and powerful than A9 and overall, the phone is expected to deliver better performance and efficiency than its predecessors, as is expected from the future smartphone lineup.

We are hoping that Apple does indeed announce its iPhone 7 with 32GB as the starting model otherwise our excitement will definitely probably be short-lived.