For years, Apple’s legendarily loyal iPhone fans begged the company for a phablet-sized smartphone and they granted that wish with the iPhone 6 Plus. Ever since shipping that beast, however, another subset of Apple’s seriously steadfast iPhone fans have shouted for a 4-inch iPhone — the rumor mill says one is coming in the form of the iPhone 7c.

How do we know? Long-time Apple supplier AU Optronics has purportedly inked a deal to produce 4-inch displays (United Daily News in Chinese) for delivery in 2016. And, although Apple could certainly choose to name it something else, as of this writing, iPhone 7c seems the most likely nom de pomme.

That is, of course, very nice and very much the future. But what about this year, 2015?

Tapscape has been following and reporting iPhone 6c rumors. This iteration of Apple’s most-affordable smartphone is expected — nothing’s real until it ships — to introduce Touch ID to the entry-level iPhone.

So, what will be new about the iPhone 7c? Other than that we should expect an iPhone 7c, little to nothing is known.

What features and functionality are you hoping Apple will building into the iPhone 6c? How about the iPhone 7c?

Inquiring minds want to know…

Via: ModMyi