Apple’s naming strategy took a hit when the company released the iPhone X (it’s a 10, and not ‘Ex’). That leaves us, Apple fans wondering what the next iPhones will be named; tech analysts for sometime have been referring them as iPhone 9 and 11.

However, it probably won’t be the nomenclature Apple will go forward with. The company could completely erase the board and start fresh, like naming the bigger screen phone, the iPhone XL, the smaller one could be just the iPhone, and the tiny one-hand phone will (as we know) be named the iPhone SE (if its still special).

Reports in the recent times, have said that Apple will release three phones this year, and most likely one of them would be iPhone 9 or the one which will succeed the iPhone 8. Nonetheless, it could be very different from the iPhone 8; it’s speculated that the iPhone 9 will be sporting a much larger display measuring 6.1 inches.

It will be pushing the content onto an LCD display, unlike the other OLED models. It’s still not clear why Apple still wants to stick to LCD but it could be because LCD is still very good at showing the right colours also the fact that OLED panels can only be mass produced by Samsung, a big rival of Apple, so as to not completely depend on the South Korean company, according to a report, Apple is trying to strike a deal with an Japan LCD company which successfully created flexible LCD panels, meaning they can cover the whole front of the display because to create an infinity display, a part of the display has to be bended.

Apple could also move from Touch-ID to Face-ID on the iPhone 9 as the company seems to believe that it’s the future. We’re still a long way from the release, so if Apple sees that people tend to like Touch-ID more, maybe the company will consider keeping the Touch-ID or may build the fingerprint reader under the display, the way Vivo did with its new phone.

Stay tuned for more updates on the iPhone 9. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.