iPhone Security Apps

Your phone most likely is your life. It has so much information about you, including personal images, birthdays, credit cards, phone numbers and banking information. All of the information stored on your phone is not something you would want in the wrong hands.

But unfortunately, hackers and thieves are out there that can gain access to your phone without you realizing it, putting your phone in danger of having all that information stolen. If someone found your credit cards stored on your phone, they could max them out. Even worse, if they got a hold of your banking information, they could clear out your account.

Sometimes we forget that our phones are vulnerable just like anything else. Because of that, there are apps available to protect your phones from outside threats. So here are some essential types of apps you should download onto your iPhone.


If you are someone that accesses open networks frequently, say a coffee shop, airport or somewhere else that offers free Wi-Fi, this one is for you. An iPhone VPN app protects your phone from outside eyes trying to peek into your device.

A VPN, virtual private network, is a private tunnel that encrypts your data as it goes through a public internet connection. The point of it is to secure what would be an unsecured open connection and protect your device. The encrypted data is then blocked from anyone else trying to use it, other than you.

So if you are worried about other people (or government) spying on what you are looking at on your phone, a VPN will help. Cover your tracks and blind outside eyes while you browse the internet on a now safe connection.

Voice Encryption

Are you worried about someone listening to your phone calls or have a business that requires secured phone calls? A voice encryption app should be on your list to download.

These types of apps ensure that a conversation that you have is only listened to by the intended receiving end, and vice versa. Some apps go further to encrypt your text messages. So if you are sending personal information or photos you want to keep private, these types of apps encrypt the data to ensure no one else can gain access to them.

QR Code Readers

You’ll find them everywhere, boxes with even smaller, pixelated black and white boxes within. They basically look like a square barcode. That is because they are a barcode for your phone called QR codes. You scan the code, and it will take your phone to the hyperlinked website.

But because there are so many malicious sites out there, you cannot guarantee the QR code you scan will take you to a reliable link. So a QR code reader that detects whether the hyperlink is safe to check will save you from a potential virus.

GPS Tracker

How many times do you lose your phone in a day? If you tend to spend a lot of time looking for where you put your phone down, this one is for you.

Apps are available to download that can track your GPS location in case your phone is lost or stolen. You can access the system through a computer or another device with the same app to see where your phone is. Some will even allow you to lock your phone until you find it.

So if you just got a new iPhone, or even if you have had one for quite a while, consider installing some of these security apps. You never know when they may come in handy, but it’s better to prepare just in case you do end up needing them.