It's not like they all are the same brand, colour, and size!

We always ponder what people of the future would think of our generation, and what people of the past would marvel at. Like, for example, what do you think the housewives of the 1950’s would think of their laundry being controlled by their telephones?

50's Housewife
“Why yes Timmy, that DOES sound like bulls*it!”


 The future is here, in the form of the new Smarter Socks, a package of ten black (as promised) cotton socks. They are no ordinary socks however; they can be connected with your iPhone to be sorted together, tell you when they need washing (because figuring it out yourself would be too hard) and even measuring the blackness levels in the socks.

Black Socks
Because we would never know if these turned grey.


 Brought to us by the company Black Socks (appropriately named) you can order a nifty little starter pack that includes 10 pairs of the most unnecessary high tech socks in the world and a small remote, named the ‘Sock Sorter’ which can also be connected to your iPhone or computer to help in the meager task of sorting your laundry. The starter kit starts at a small price to pay for a lifetime of not taking three seconds to sort at $180.

It’s not like they all are the same brand, color and size!


Furthermore, you can also get a cute ‘Sockscription’ for those who wish to have regular deliveries of the Smart Socks that starts at $100, however, you don’t get the Sock Sorter, which is probably one of the only reasons you would buy the damn socks.

 Is this just another example of humans becoming more dependent on technology to the point of inability to do anything for ourselves, or is it an advancement? Did a company really need to knuckle down and spend hundreds, if not thousands, on developing a pair of socks that can sort themselves for you? Will there be other Smart Clothes? The site already boasts a range of underpants and shirts- will they be next?

“Let’s make a line of thermal condoms!”


Well, we already do have iPhone interactive clothing including children’s pajamas that will tell stories when scanned over a pattern on the fabric, eliminating the old traditional ways of reading to a child from a book at night, and we love any app to do with pruning ourselves for a photo before editing it to the point of non recognition. Is technology becoming more a part of us than we had planned?

If you don’t believe that the human population is slowly diminishing in intelligence, I leave you with the photo below, taken in an American Walmart of this year.

People with only two hands still didn’t get it.

Note: If you wish to actually purchase these socks, the link is provided below (you are either the world’s richest- or laziest):