iPhone SE2

The iPhone SE is the most compact phone in the world of huge monster phones. It received a lot of love from people who prefer phone to fit in their pocket and also from people who have small hands.

It has become a trend to have large phones even though its practically tough to use them. Especially while driving and doing chores; the large phones tend to fall from hand or pocket.

The iPhone SE measures just 4 inches, its so tiny that it fits perfectly in the hand and allows for using the phone with just one hand.

The SE is still a great phone but it does lack few essential things in 2018. Apple is rumoured to working on the iPhone SE2 and it could release in March this year. Yay!

Here are few ideas on what Apple should add and modify with the iPhone SE2-

  1. Design refresh

The iPhone SE sports the classic iPhone 5 design; its great but it’s redundant in the age when phone have almost no bezels. Apple can hold onto that chamfered edges, that’s the best thing of the SE.

  1. All screen front

Following up the design change, Apple should deploy a screen just like the iPhone X with no bezels. That would mean questioning what to do with the fingerprint reader.

  1. Biometrics under the display

At CES this year, Vivo showed off the first phone to deploy under the screen fingerprint reader mechanism and its works just great. It’s a tad bit slow but that’s no big deal as the time difference is measured in milliseconds.

Having the fingerprint reader under the display would be great as the iPhone SE2 is going to follow up the SE’s compact design strategy and having the reader under the display saves a lot of space.

  1. Improved battery

The iPhone SE already has a great battery life. However, with iOS being improved every year and the software being optimized to save battery life at all stages, it would be great if Apple can make a tiny bit increment to the battery capacity; the SE2 could be named in the best battery backup phones category.

That’s a wrap. The iPhone SE2 is coming out this March, we may not see all the above features being added but at-least that’s the blueprint which Apple could at-least execute in the future.