apple versus samsung

There are two things in this world that are inevitable: the grass is green, and Samsung will always be compared to Apple. Therefore, it should come of no surprise that a recent report has surfaced revealing that Apple’s iPhone is 300% more reliable than their Samsung equivalents.

Popular crowd-sourced site FixYa, who specialise in fixing products and tearing down things we simply haven’t got the nerve to do on our own, shared it’s own findings about the two most popular smartphones in the market. It’s clear to see, according to the data, that the iPhone is a clear winner. FixYa’s Smartphone Reliability Report uses data is has accumulated based on impressions on popular troubleshooting requests it gets from its audience.

For the report, FixYa assigned a reliability score which was calculated based on the impressions – the fewer impressions it received relative to the market share, the higher the score:

  • Apple: 3.47
  • Samsung 1.21
  • Nokia: 0.68
  • Motorola: 0.13

Among the pros for Apple was its simple UI, reliability, and App Ecosystem, whilst the cons focused around lack of customisability, battery life, and lack of new features with new models – something we at Tapscape have discussed at length.

With Samsung, the consensus determined that the great screen quality, enjoyable UI, and battery life for the Galaxy S3 were pros. Whilst on the other hand, battery life also found its way onto the cons list in reference to the huge issues the Galaxy Nexus faced. This, together with the microphone and speaker issues, topped off the cons list for the manufacturer.

The full report can be found here and makes some good reading for an unbiased view of the quality of the smartphone top contenders. Of course, the results can be contested, as it can be argued the different audiences that each phone attracts will ultimately mean one group of users will be more likely to report issues than the other. Nevertheless, a very interesting report.

Having owned both devices, I have to say the iPhone was definitely more reliable, but not taking anything away from Samsung at all. Please let us know your take on this in the comments section below.

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