iPhone 7 is water-resistant
iPhone 7 is water-resistant

iPhones have been waterproof to some extent for the past few years. However, tech is something that’s always improving and well, iPhones can be much better at protecting themselves from water.

Even though, the iPhone is considered waterproof, the problem arises when an iPhone is dropped in water while it’s charging which can lead to the lightning cable be shot. Apple looks determined to solve these issues, according to patents that have been published recently..

Two patents have been published by Apple for protecting the iPhone from water. One of them states that, it plans to turn the lightning cable into a wedge-shaped connector which after entering the connector gate will seal the system from the outside world (well, liquids).

It does, however, require changing the lightning cable’s design which would cause a huge ordeal for existing iPhone accessories owners. It doesn’t seem likely that Apple will implement this change this year. But if it does, iPhone users, get ready to buy more dongles.

The other patent filed by Apple states that, the iPhone will create a vacuum seal when the lightning cable is connected. It sounds very complicated, and according to The Verge, it will require generators and pistons to perform the task.

The images attached along with the patent show that Apple is not only considering waterproofing the iPhone but also its accessories. So, that means, generators will not only be making its way to the iPhone but also to the accessories. Nice!

All this, will allow the iPhone and its accessories to go below a certain water level, maybe a swimming pool, without causing any damage. That would allow swimmers to carry their iPhone while listening to music over Apple Earpods.

Apple did file for these patents but it’s tough to say whether the company will implement them anytime soon, as the company files for a lot of patents and most of them never make their way to the final product.