iPod Touch 6th Gen Will Receive iOS 11 Update

The hype train for Apples latest software upgrade is yet to stop, with iOS 11 update rumors surfacing. It is suggested that the iPod Touch 6th Generation will receive the 10-year anniversary software update of iOS 11. This is due to one main factor, compatibility. The iPod 6th Generation is well compatible with the already installed OS the iOS 10.3, therefore as the date for the announcement and release of iOS 11 to the public gets closer, the more the anticipation builds among Apple and iPod Touch users and fans.

It is speculated that the latest installment will include a search option for the split-screen mode, allowing users to locate applications that may not have been used in some time. Along with that, an improvement in the Maps software pre-installed onto iOS will receive an update as well. According to Bloomberg, the Maps application will receive new features such as inside views of buildings and a much rather due improvement to car navigation.

In addition, iPod Touch may receive the 3D Touch technology in the iOS 11 update. The 3D Touch system is one of the major highlights of the Apple smartphone system, but the touch-sensitive technology is defined to be updated further in 2017, with the release of iOS 11. The software update will make sure that it’s easy for users to utilize this technology through the entire functionality of the upcoming iPhone 8, efficiently replacing physical buttons with pressure-sensitive apparatus embedded inside the telephone itself. iOS 11 will need some applications provisions that are excellent so that you can make this happen, but it’s still likely to provide this functionality. Improving the user interface and human to device interaction for any of Apple flagship devices, such as the iPod Touch.

Therefore, all iPod Touch 6th Generation (Gen) users can get excited as the iOS 11 update is rumored to come out in a few months time. The official date will be announced at the WWDC 2017 conference in June-July.