Is a Condo the Right Home For You?

The thought of owning and living in a condo could be very enticing, but is it right for you? It’s important to understand what a condo is and the pros and cons before you jump in and take the plunge.

A Lentoria condo is a standalone unit in a shared building or complex, which means you’ll have the freedom to customize and decorate your space as you like. More importantly, a condo is a part of the homeowners’ association and subject to rules and HOA fees.

Pros of Buying a Condo

A condo in a perfect location like is practically unbeatable when it comes to value. You’ll have easy access to conveniences, entertainment, dining, and other creature comforts versus other abodes. Amenities are second only to hotels, which means you can have a community room, pet area, nearby park, gym, pool, parking garage, and more.

As far as outdoor maintenance is concerned, everything will be taken care of by the association. You won’t have to worry about your lawn, garden, or grass, for that matter. As a side note, make sure to inquire if the condo will allow a pet before you book a reservation or a downpayment.

Cons of Buying a Condo

The most noticeable downside of owning a condo is the limited space you have. You’ll be sharing several walls with neighbors, thereby keeping privacy to a bare minimum. Putting up sound barriers is essential for a quiet environment.

Furthermore, it would be wise to read up on the rules of the condo association and see if there might be restrictions that could affect your lifestyle. Afterward, it’s best to make contact with a licensed real estate agent or the developer themselves and schedule a visit to see the condo in person.