Is A Kubotan Effective In Self Defense? Training and Techniques

In our day-to-day lives, we are often exposed to attack and danger that may pose a threat to our lives. Even with the national security measures put in place, you wouldn’t mind employing some self-defense given the option. A Kubotan is one of the ways to exercise self-defense against any attack when you are up and about your daily business. At least there is something that you can do to help yourself reach your destination safely.  Basically, a Kubotan is a self-defense keychain designed to comfortably carry along with your keys. The good thing with a Kubotan is that it is not easily noticeable especially if you have a good understanding of how it is used.

There is no doubt that this is a good and effective means of self-defense once you have the basic training and techniques of use. Don’t take your safety for granted. Making use of this simple, yet effective weapon for self-defense could make all the difference.  It leaves you with the chance to defend yourself and not to remain helpless at the face of your enemy. A Kubotan is 4 – 5 inches long and about 0.5in in diameter made of lightweight material. This makes it a perfect hand-weapon for use during the time of need.

Using a Kubotan Effectively for Self-Defense

Your Kubotan can help you when faced with danger. The secret is in having proper training and in understanding how best you can use it to defend yourself. This is a simple weapon but sufficient training on its use can give you an advantage over your enemy. Even though you can anticipate an attack, you may not be ready at the exact moment when it happens. Over and above making physical preparations, it is important to learn how to remain calm to use the weapon effectively.

Training on the techniques applied on a Kubotan involves being prepared to think quickly during an attack. Continuous repetition and practice of these techniques will help you stand a good chance when facing your opponent. This training is good because it activates your instinct and reflexes to respond properly when required to do that. Instructors will expose you on real-life settings that will help you develop important instincts such as timing, activating the right reflexes and force application needed for defense.

Here are important skills to learn on how to use a Kubotan:

  1. How to remain calm when faced with danger
  2. Pulling out the weapon swiftly
  3. How to grip the Kubotan on different settings
  4. Learning the body parts to apply pressure using your Kubotan such as the throat, spine, wrist, eyes, groin area, all kinds of joints, neck side and temple among other sensitive body parts. 
  5.  Various techniques of targeting your opponent

Practice and Repetition for Kubotan Efficiency

It is not enough to learn about these techniques and Kubotan positioning. Practicing and repetition are essential to the effective use of this weapon. Some techniques are quite challenging and require some good level of practice. The ultimate goal is to have all these skills at your fingertips and that can only happen if you take time to do the practice. You should start getting familiar with this weapon and flexible enough when using it.

Learn how to exercise grip control when using a Kubotan. This is a subtle act aimed at warning your attacker. You should learn to target the sensitive areas to help you gain control over your attacker. Therefore, your primary objective, when faced with danger, is to work out a way of first gaining control. This can also be done using anchoring techniques such as joint locking, especially on the wrist.

Using a striking and/or a stabbing technique, you can also gain control over your attacker. Striking is comparable to when someone is holding a hammer. Ensure that the grip position leaves the Kubotan protruding to both sides of your folded hand. This will give you one of the best self-defense moves.

A Kubotan is effective in giving you the self-defense you need when faced with danger. For proper preparation and effective use of this weapon, you should seek training on the various techniques of using it. Another important aspect is to learn the sensitive body parts to target in your attacker.