iPhone 6

Rumors, rumors everywhere. This time, spilling out of China, the latest iPhone 6 rumors seem a little…well…weird. Along with the obvious iPhone 5s, Apple is rumored to be working on a phone with a 4.8 inch screen. Everyone pretty much assumed it was the iPhone 6, but they may be wrong.

Reports out of Taipei are saying that the iPhone 5s and a mystery 4.8 inch display phone that they are referring to as the iPhone Math, will be produced in late April. Say what? If you’re like everyone else, you are probably wondering three things.

1)What happened to the iPhone 6?iPhone 6

2) What on EARTH is an iPhone Math?

3.) Who is getting fired in Apple’s phone naming department?

Well, here are a few possible explanations. Several bloggers have speculated that, since the name is very unusual for Apple, that it is either a code name or a really bad mistranslation from China. Some have even offered the suggestion that ‘Math’ is a poor translation for Plus, leaving the new phone with the name iPhone + or iPhone Plus. That seems like an easier pill to swallow in the naming arena, but what about these production timelines.

The rumors from Taipei suggest that both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone Math (Plus) will be produced by the end of April so that it might meet a launch deadline of late June. Late June?

Most analysts thing thing that would be a bit of a stretch. With no formal announcements from Apple about anything regarding these new phones, this is definitely speculation at best. Hopefully with all of these rumors flying around, the name iPhone Math is not really in the equation.

Until we hear a formal announcement from Apple in regards to a launch date, rumors about either phone are simply unfounded, however, it is especially exciting to hear iPhone 6 rumors coming from manufacturers in China!