iShowU Studio Mac App

iShowU Studio is a Mac App developed by shinywhitebox, a small internet based product development company founded in early 2006 by Neil Clayton.

This Mac App is part screen recorder, part video editor, and more than just “part” awesome. If you want a full-screen editing tool with a friendly, intuitive UI, this is one of your best bets.

iShowU Studio Mac App iShowU Studio Mac App

You can use this app to capture video, and then overlay that video clip with whatever you want: text, annotations, pointers, highlights, and more. With intuitive controls and an interface that’s dead simple to navigate, iShowU Studio is ideal for video editing novices.

iShowU Studio also lets you plug in any OS X compatible camera and capture footage from that device in real time. Additionally, you can share or export directly to your iOS device, or upload your creation to YouTube or Vimeo.

iShowU Studio is a step up from shinywhitebox’s previous effort iShowU HD. iShowU Studio is a big step from from iShowU v.1, as it includes a number of new features. These added features include improved cropping, audio and movie media support, freeze frames, pan and zooms, and a gorgeous full screen editing interface.

The interface is arguably the best part of this app. Designed by a combination of New Zealand and Italian sensibilities, this app just looks good. It’s got both form and function.

iShowU Studio Mac App iShowU Studio Mac App

The most recent version of this app is Version 1.0.1 (pushed on 07 April 2014). This update features improvements to prevent crashing, and improvements to the usability of the UI.

In short, iShowU Studio is a worthwhile app for anyone who is interesting in video editing, screen recording, audio visual projects, or anyone who just wants to improve their technical skills.

iShowU Studio requires OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or above.