There’s some cool Apple iPhone accessories out there, but this one tops it. The iTap charger is the coolest accessory I have seen in a while.

The idea is simple. It’s a charger with a USB connection, and a tap relay that, when turned, cuts the electrical supply, meaning you don’t have to disconnect your iPhone to stop it charging, just turn the tap.

When the handle is rotated, it will turn blue to indicate that power is flowing, and turn red to show the power is cut off. It has a USB connection on the bottom so although I’ve mentioned iPhone throughout this article, it will charge any device that uses a USB cable to charge it.

Don’t let your battery drain out; top it up with this funky charger shaped like a tap! Realistic and effective, your iTap charger will make any room look cooler without any effort on your part. Made of durable, lightweight white plastic, the charger is easy to use and can be carried around with no fuss. Plus, you’ll never mix up chargers again! Your itap charger does everything a regular charger does, it just looks better.

The tap can be turned on and off, changing the light from red to blue as your phone charges. Just don’t leave it in the kitchen or it might confuse your kid brother!

It appears to be made of the same material that the genuine Apple plug charger uses, so should feel very solid and durable, and should fit in nicely with your gadgets.

The iTap is priced at £19.95 (around $31) from PressyBox and is currently available for pre-order. Whilst slightly on the pricey side, it is incredibly cool and a gadget every Apple fan must own.

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