It’s Time to Exercise

We all want to be fit and live healthier lives. The execution is the part where most of us succumb, though. You need to be very strong psychologically to be able to practice regularly and introduce healthy habits into your everyday life. They say the biggest battle a human can have in life is the one against himself/herself. We could not agree more.

This is why we have decided to write an article that would serve as motivation as well as a fantastic source of the best exercises you can do to improve your physical condition all by yourself.

Working remotely and its challenges

Somehow, we have all been forced to stay home more often than not in the last couple of years. Many people continued to work remotely. The chance to do your job from the comfort of your warm house is still more than appealing for most people.

“As beautiful as it is, remote work brings along a fair share of tough challenges, both of physical and mental nature. It is all fun and games when you complete a job task via laptop while lying on your bed, but spending every day locked in your house carries severe dangers to both the physical and psychological condition of any person. It is thus essential for anyone who is working remotely to start exercising as soon as possible. The more you delay it, the tougher it will be later.” said to us John Pentin, editor in chief of sporting betting picks website “We have to cover sport every day and every night and do research before and after. These are long hours of work and we must sort out our life-balance well to be able to cope”.

Of course, this article is not dedicated exclusively to those who spend whole days at home. Spending the entire day sitting on your chairs in work offices pretty much puts you in the same boat. The same can be said for anyone who does not at least work on a daily basis. Anyways, you get the main point. So many people desperately need to do something about their everyday habits but are not even aware of it.

Bountiful online apps and models

The growth of the Internet, mobile apps, and technology, in general, has brought us so many positives. Nowadays, you can easily find pretty much anything you may be interested in on the Internet and it is only a couple of clicks away. These positives include bountiful training and workout programs.

It is easy to get lost in the plethora of options available. Unfortunately, not all of these were designed to actually help you. This is why you need to be very careful before getting engaged in any of the apps you find in the online world. You can never go wrong by taking advice from a professional in this niche or even a friend or a relative of yours who is into workouts, training, or fitness in general.

Another alternative would be to explore the sites that deal with this matter, just like this one. We have done the homework for you by creating a list of the best applications and online pages that will get your body moving.

The main types of online workout apps

To help you narrow the choice (even in this list), we need to make sure you are familiar with what you particularly want to do. If you genuinely do not have enough time, the apps with short training represent the way to go. Make no mistake, you can introduce significant changes to your everyday lives by devoting as few as five or six minutes to exercising every day.

Moving forward, some apps track your everyday activities. They are there to remind you about the shortage of physical activity (whether it is walking, running, or something else) on any given day. Some of these also support the models that track your heartbeats. “Map my Fitness” is a textbook example of such an app. It tracks down anything you do, from climbing up the rocks to ironing.

Finally, there are apps designed to find the adequate musical background that would motivate someone to perform physical activity (regardless of the kind). Fit Radio ticks all the boxes on this matter as it gets you a perfect blend of songs crafted by a professional DJ that perfectly suits your running tempo for example. Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into three of the best workout/motivation apps on the planet.  

Charity Miles

If you lack proper motivation, Charity Miles is the perfect app to start with. It donates the money to the organization of your choice. The app measures the number of miles you pass, whether it’s via running, walking, or riding a bike. To make things more enticing, big corporative centers are willing to throw in extra cents on every crossed mile in an exchange for an ad on the app. There is a calculator that shows the amount of money you can secure for your charity organization by fulfilling a certain task. For example, 20 different people will sponsor you with $0.50 for every mile you cross every day. If there is nothing to motivate you, doing it for a greater cause certainly will.

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

This app comes with distinct workout options, depending on the amount of time you have at your disposal, the intensity of the training you are interested in, and the type of workout you are willing to do. FitOn also has numerous cool features such as the board with your high scores. It allows you to compete with your friends and colleagues. Everything you need for a start with this app is free but we also have to mention the personalized nutritional plans for the additional $69.99 a year.

The 7-Minute Workout by Johnson & Johnson

This is the perfect app for anyone who is not sure how to enter the world of training. To get started, you only need seven minutes of your free time and a chair. An ordinary mid-intensity workout includes sitting against the wall, jumping jacks, a triceps pad on a chair, running in one place with your knees high, etc. This is one of the best apps on the market due to its simplicity and its blend with the adequate information you need to get your body moving. The best part – it is suitable for anyone.

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