A production yield of 1 million units a month isn’t enough, not even close. A new rumor from a generally reliable Asian tech analyst claims Apple’s iWatch launch won’t happen until next year.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, though not perfect, usually gets it right. With that background Mr Mostly Right is saying (Economic Daily News, Chinese) the long-rumored and much-lusted-after iWatch launch has been delayed. That is, assuming an unannounced product could possibly be late.

But are we going to let the facts get in the way of a tasty rumor? Pfft, as if…

G for Games reports that anonymous supply chain sources told Economic Daily News that Apple is requesting delivery of hardware components for the iWatch as it prepares to start assembly of the wristwatch device in September. It is believed that Apple will need several months to tweak the design and production techniques before the iWatch launch sometime early next year.

The iWatch or, according to some sources, iTime wearable computing device represents a new product category for Apple and will undoubtedly utilize the company’s new supply of industrial sapphire for its display.

More than four years after the iPad, Apple could use a hit new product and Tim Cook can hardly endure a failure.

iWatch Launch Design Concept

What is the iWatch? Apple’s “iWatch” is a smart watch project that it would be launched with a special event in October of this year. It will be a device running the new iOS 8 with biometrics and health sensors and other features providing integration with other iOS devices.

Recent years have seen Apple repeatedly stumble — ie 2012 iMac refresh, 2013 Mac Pro — when delivering radically new products. Though the company has remained insanely profitable throughout these problems, Tim Cook’s first new product category needs to succeed right out of the gate.

It’s rumored that current iWatch product is only 1 million units per month.

Should Apple “delay” the iWatch until its ready or push the iWatch launch in time for Christmas (not matter the cost)…

What’s your take?