Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Previous rumors claiming that a jailbreak solution for the Apple TV 3 is nowhere to be found and that no one is actually looking for it have been spoiled by Abeler of the FireCore team today, which claims that its crew is currently working on a fix and results are on the way.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Almost a week ago pod2g stated that he has no knowledge of someone taking care of the jailbreak process for the third generation Apple TV and many renounced at the idea at even buying one, opting instead for the Apple TV 2. As the market shows, once one of these products can be jailbroken and various services, applications and other tricks can be added, their value increases beyond measure.

Actually, a second generation Apple TV is currently being sold on eBay at a far higher price than that of the Apple TV 3. This effect can be solely put on the possibility of jailbreaking the older device, while there is “no news” regarding the latter one. The difference ranges between $30 and $70 in favor of the Apple TV 2, giving the opportunity for most owners to sell their current device, upgrade and still earn some bucks in the process.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreaking: the current status

Fortunately, a member of FireCore claims that a group of “very bright and talented” people is currently following a lead that would result in a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3. Although there is no ETA or even a confirmation that this process is actually possible at the moment, the team remains optimistic and believes that a solution will be developed soon.

Once this will hit the scene, owners will have the possibility of adding different media types, web browsers and even the ability to back-up content on the cloud.

For the record, FireCore is the team behind Seas0nPass, aTV flash and MiRow, three helpful solutions for those owning iOS devices.

  1. Thank God! i know its just vague report from the team at fire core, but just knowing someone has taken a interest in jail breaking this hockey puck i feel so much better!

  2. I still consider my ATV3 a wasted investment, especially given the number of superior alternatives – Boxee, XBMC, any HTPC or Laptop running Internet Explorer even, Google TV, any Android TV, Raspberry Pi, etc. etc. etc.

    It’s hardly been worth the wait or the struggle.

  3. All of these sites are the same – they give an update and don’t bother to give specifics and put no date on the article. This one turns out to be 2 years old. Pretty lame and amateurish.

  4. These messages have been online for more than a year now. Working on a JB for ATV3 is taking years….that’s probably the reason why ATV3’s sales is just down. Apple is looking at ending the development of future Apple TV, that’s why nobody works on the JB.

  5. I have had a Apple tv 1 then I bought the 2nd generation Apple tv , then i discovered Roko 3 Media box, which i can honestly say without hesitation it is far far better than any Apple media device i have purchased, XBMC is so easy to add on allowing 1080 HD stream and i am not spending countless hours pulling my cushions of the settee looking for that stupid controller. Apple tv 3 jailbreak ?? why wait two years for that ..

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