Jellyflop iPhone Game

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Jellyflop is an iPhone game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. If you love physics puzzlers that blend cutesy characters with challenging construction, Jellyflop is gonna be right up your alley.

In Jellyflop, players are tasked with helping “Jelly” the Jellyfish learn to fly. Since jellyfish, by nature, aren’t arboreal creatures, little Jelly needs a lot of help to get airborne. Help comes in the form of feathers, gadgets, fans, portals, and other items.

Jellyflop iPhone GameJellyflop iPhone Game

Playing Jellyflop is very easy, and very addictive. Simply draw a line with a swipe of our finger, and Jelly will start bouncing around. But be careful! There are predators and pitfalls everywhere, and Jelly is not as safe as you might think!

Bouncing Jelly off the lines you’ve drawn, and getting him over to the feather, it pretty challenging as the game goes on, especially if you want to collect all of the water drops in each level! There’s a lot of strategizing to be done, and some of the most fun comes from taking the least-straightforward approaches to each puzzle.

Jellyflop iPhone GameJellyflop iPhone Game

The graphics are really engaging: cute without being too cutesy, and with lots of color. The graphics are well-complemented by the music, which is upbeat and just a little bit beachy. The graphics and sound work together to create a cohesive game.

With 5 different zones to explore and 100 levels to master, this addictive little puzzler is sure to suck you in! If you like puzzle games that give you a lot of personal latitude in terms of how you beat each level, Jellyflop is a great choice!

Jellyflop is an iPhone game available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Jellyflop is also available for Android devices supporting 2.1 and up.

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