One of Steve Jobs closest friends, internationally renowned design god and Knight Commander of the British Empire… Clearly, Sir Jony Ive lacks neither accomplishments nor titles. However, when it comes to being the king of Cupertino, current Apple chief Tim Cook can breath a sigh of relief.

In case you didn’t already know it, Inside Steve’s Brain author Leander Kahney has written a new book, the soon to be released Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products. With delivery set for November 14, the web is starting to fill up with teasers, including small collection of Ive anecdotes from Mashable:

— Ive nearly quit Apple shortly before Jobs returned to the company. His new boss Jon Rubinstein, who gave him a raise and a pep talk, convinced him otherwise. “We told him that we were going to struggle to get through where the company was then, and that once we turned the company, we were going to make history,” Rubinstein says in the book. “Those were the terms we used to keep him at Apple.”

— Ive was one of two people who Steve Jobs requested to see after undergoing surgery for a pancreatic tumor in 2004. The other person was Jobs’ wife, Laurene.

— Those who work with Ive say he doesn’t want to be Apple CEO. One former member of his design team told Kahney that “Jony doesn’t care about all those aspects of running a company.”

Jony Ive isn’t interested in power, which will disappoint some Apple watchers. However, when you think about it, wishing Ive into the CEO job is rather silly.

Back in the day, although Jobs was CEO, pretty much everyone familiar the situation at Apple says that Tim Cook was then the organizational and managerial power behind the throne.

Which is very similar the situation we have now…

What’s your take?

Source: Mashable


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    Bob Forsberg

    Jony Ive was going to leave Apple about a year before Steve passed. Steve was aware of his failing health and asked Ives to remain until 2014. When you have millions and a castle at home, the Bay area is only tolerated.

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