Android News: Judge Koh Dismisses Samsung Challenge Over Galaxy Nexus

A very bad week for Samsung has gotten even worse. Earlier in the week, US District Judge Julie Koh issued injunctions, barring the sale of the 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Of course, as the flagship device of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean roll-out, the focus of last week’s Google I/O developer conference, the blocking of the Galaxy Nexus has particular sting. Now, Judge Koh has ruled again, dismissing a multicount suit by Samsung in its entirety that sought to invalidate Apple IP property rights.

“This presumably concludes a dreadful week for Samsung in the Northern District of California, which previously involved a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a far more important preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus, the dismissal of one of Samsung’s patent infringement claims further to Apple’s summary judgment motion, and a clear Apple victory over expert reports,” writes FOSSpatents’ Florian Meuller.

Whatever momentum Google and Samsung built up during the I/O developer conference with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus Q has been negated by Apple’s clean sweep in the courts this week.

Steve Jobs Takes No Prisoners

steve jobs promised to go thermonuclear against google and android. now, with injunctions banning sale of the galaxy tab and galaxy nexus, it appears steve jobs is winning.

Although this latest ruling is bad news for Samsung, and by extension Google and Android, the big blow came on Friday when Judge Koh issued an injunction barring the sale of the Galaxy Nexus. Granted, these things often get overturned, but Samsung can’t sell the device and this state of legal purgatory puts on hold any vendor’s plan to deliver a Jelly Bean-powered smartphone.

Well, when he announced the iPhone at Macworld 2007, Steve Jobs said in a serious deadpan, “And, boy have we patented it.” Later when it became clear Android was copying the iPhone and iOS, Jobs promised to use those patents and “go thermonuclear” in a war with Android.

Steve Jobs is, even from the grave, a man of his word.

What’s your take on the Apple vs Android saga?

  1. I’m a pretty big apple fanboy but I have to agree with Indio.  The Retina Display macbook is awesome… but that’s about all they’ve done lately of interest.  Siri was cool too, but hasn’t matured as fast as I thought she would.  The iPhone 5 had better be a significant upgrade!

  2. yeah, seriously! it’s been at least a couple weeks since apple revolutionized or invented a new industry. total FAIL…

  3. Your article sorta seers with Apple fanaticism.  Anyhow, I’m a Windows guy, but i have a Macbook Pro 08.  I also had an Android phone, until I lost it.  Today is a great time to be a consumer with how all of these companies are pushing each other to get better and be better.  Unfortunately, Apple is litigating more often than innovating.  In addition, when you take out the “patents” of it all and you look at the devices themselves, it’s clear that Android is not copying ios but rather are innovating themselves.  I don’t know- it seems bogus to me.  

  4. I am glad to see Apple finally get traction in the courts. People easily forget that those Apple inventions are the reason for such dramatic progress in the mobile world. While I understand Google’s fear about their advertising model collapsing due to the changewave Apple introduced, forcing them to copy Apple’s tech. The real fundamental issue is that the way google went about it was and is very unethical. Others may not agree and that is ok, but the patents are doing what they are intended to do. Force innovation. Google and Microsoft sat on their hands and milked the old model when Apple created the new model, now Google wants to milk the new model as well?


  5. I say, like Steve said, Apple should be willing to spend $40 Billion to ensure that Android does not come free to anyone who can ship infringing products in mass. Apple can’t simply stand by and watch Google use its revenues to grow @ Apple’s expense.

    As soon as Apple wins in the courts against Samsung, it needs to point all guns @ Google. It needs to add another $12.5 billion cost to making Android.

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