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Jump Out! is a beautifully designed, intuitive game which keeps you hooked on its puzzle based mini-games that make up its addictive, bug filled levels.

With over 140 levels, along with 30 bonus levels unlocked via 30 achievements, Jump Out! is jam packed full of physics-based content.

The aim of each level is to jump, bounce and roll your bugs across the map, and into the hole in the wall. Along the way, you’ll encounter spinning cogs to help you maneuver, stars which give you points, and other clever obstacles with can aid or hinder your objective.


The Fun Type of Physics

Jump Out!’s physics-based game play is a joy to explore and use. Your bugs will bounce off obstacles, swing around cogs and glide across the map in a clever, enjoyable fashion.

To move the bugs, you can use your finger to direct their jumps, which are outlined before you remove your finger from the screen. your main objective is to reach the hole in the wall, but picking up as many stars as you can is vital when it comes to high scores.

As you progress, obstacles become more complex, which in turn makes them harder to beat. Swinging blades and shooting pipes sling your bugs across the map. It’s up to you to use your brain and find a way around such traps.


Jump Out! has been brilliantly designed, and is highly polished. The bugs, traps, maps and sound effects all come together in perfect harmony to create an immersive game atmosphere. The animated characters and background look fantastic, giving the game a prestige look and feel.

The game play is smooth and free-flowing, and can be highly addictive – especially when a particular obstacle is proving had to beat. As a result, completing each level brings a real sense of accomplishment and relief.

The Interface of Jump Out! is just as beautiful as the in-game graphics. Menus are well placed and decorated, with all the buttons making sense and responding well.

Final Remarks

To conclude, Jump Out! offers a superbly polished, addictive set of levels which get increasingly difficult and interesting. Getting your bugs out of their sticky situation is truly a pleasure.

Thanks to the physics-based game play, you can have fun bouncing, gliding and spinning your way around the map, as you try your best to beat gravity and reach the exit hole. The game can get tough, but it’s most definitely a barrel of fun trying.

Download Jump Out! from Google Play for free on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.